Purses & Patches

Session 03/03/16

A Treasure to be earned

As the group returns with their enemies’ heads, they are approached by the wizard. He assists them in a way unexpected by the group – by showing them a secret map leading to an hidden stash that was formerly in the possession of the previous lordship.

The group sets out to investigate both the money stash and the kobolds after learning a bit of more or less useful information in the local tavern from the barkeeper and some drunken guards.

After investigating the place and facing multiple enemies, one more dangerous than the other, the group finally manages to leave the cave just to be ambushed by a group of bandits. After disposing of them, they get attacked by an owlbear that previously attacked the bandits. Now, as they are about to set up their camps, night falls. And a night in the woods might be deadlier than expected…


Cramosk Cramosk

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