• Chafain Durgain

    Chafain Durgain

    The one and only ifrit who is as strong as he is hotheaded...
  • Halungalom Queck

    Halungalom Queck

    Master crossbowist and cult leader. The choir of voices in his head sings praises for himself all of the time...
  • Rogar Ironshield

    Rogar Ironshield

    The druid and last known A'aldari, at least as far as he can tell. His diplomatic skills are only matched by his desire to be balanced...
  • Uldar Brelis

    Uldar Brelis

    The rogue of the group. Less lucky in regard to traps but a master of the spoken word and games...
  • Uriel Bleccard

    Uriel Bleccard

    A former warpriest of Cayden Cailean who is trying his best to help the people of Varnost after being cast out by the new guild master in Vrask.