Purses & Patches

Session 13/04/16
Entering the tower (2/2)

After taking care of the last undead in the old wizards’ tower and releasing the two brothers from their eternal bound, the group was ambushed on the outside by several bandits under the command of Butch.

Session 30/03/2016
Entering the tower (1/2)

After a quick journey from the Bandit Castle to the former tower of the wizard, the group encountered several undead beings in the depths of the place, among them a powerful being refering to itself and its 'brother' as betrayed by the 'wizard'. They mistook Rogar for the former master of the tower, attacking him viciously and aggressive.

Only after a very hard fight the group managed to fight its way to the second basement, down in the earth, were they rest and prepare for the final steps into the darkness…

Session 03/03/16
A Treasure to be earned

As the group returns with their enemies’ heads, they are approached by the wizard. He assists them in a way unexpected by the group – by showing them a secret map leading to an hidden stash that was formerly in the possession of the previous lordship.

The group sets out to investigate both the money stash and the kobolds after learning a bit of more or less useful information in the local tavern from the barkeeper and some drunken guards.

After investigating the place and facing multiple enemies, one more dangerous than the other, the group finally manages to leave the cave just to be ambushed by a group of bandits. After disposing of them, they get attacked by an owlbear that previously attacked the bandits. Now, as they are about to set up their camps, night falls. And a night in the woods might be deadlier than expected…

Session 01/03/16
A Song of Dice and Hire

The group gets dragged to a bandit lord in the woods surrounding Zaupanje and agrees to fulfill some tasks for him – as their lives and the existence of Varnost depends on it.

After successfully fighting a plundering horde of goblins and their bugbear master, they get attacked by a death dog – viciously attacking them and infecting Chafain with a sickness he has never encountered before.

The consequences are yet to show themselves…

Session 17/02/16
A New Dawn (?)

After raiding a bandit camp at the Millake and finding a new (and old) ally the group was kidnapped by a group of bandits that subdued them after a short fight.

Latest rumors
Regarding sea travel

The days go by, one after another, and after the harvest time seems to stand still in Varnost. On the other hand the occasionally arriving traders from the region of Blackwall won’t stand still as they make way to the west, struggling through the wilderness in order to avoid the wasteland around Brawntarf.

Some of these travelers seem to belong on a ship, rather than on a wagon, and even though you only show yourself seldomly, the farmers’ apprentices have become your eyes and your ears as you have gained quite a bit of influence on them.
Among other things, they tell you of the sea, and how it changed since the recent events. Hardly any captain dares cross the sea, as more and more flotsam washes ashore; including debris belonging to the creations of locally known shipwrights.
Allegedly the “Fist of Xerar” was also among the recently sunken ships; a galleon of the Xerarikian Navy with a mysterious cargo.

The sea trade thus has come to a halt everywhere except for some of the coastal regions. However, the tolls imposed onto incoming ships make such transports hardly profitable.
Hence everybody is convinced that this will be the dawn of a golden age for caravan trading, provided that Desna and Abbadar are willing (albeit both of these still appear to be missing).

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